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a cleaner future
since 2012

We entered the market committed to a more sustainable future for all, through developing, constructing, operating, and commercializing renewable energy. In 2023, we were acquired by Equinor, becoming part of a global energy company, reinforcing our commitment to the future.

We’re one of the first Brazilian companies to issue Green Bonds and sign the Global Compact, reinforcing our aim to play a clean game with the future at the highest standards of quality.

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The Rio Energy

  • Relentlessly delivering excellence

    We are passionate about what we do and give it our best.

  • Partnerships within and outside the organization

    We build and establish valuable connections with everyone sharing our journey.

  • We do it with social, economic, and environmental responsibility

    Our constant aim is for a sustainable future.

  • Energy to innovate and go beyond

    Our mindset is to build the future we want.