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Are you also
dedicated to building
a cleaner future?
Then join us!

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Rio Energy plays a clean game

We are a strong, competent and motivated team.

Because that’s the energy needed to build a more sustainable future.

We give our best for quality and excellence, but we know that we’ll go even further together, with teamwork. So, we created a horizontal environment, embracing cooperation and learning among people from different experiences and areas.

Ethics is our basic premise and innovation our mindset. We cultivate good relationships with all our stakeholders and believe the best solutions are developed in partnership.

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  • Relentlessly delivering excellence

    We are passionate about what we do and give it our best.

  • Partnerships within and outside the organization

    We establish valuable connections with everyone sharing our journey.

  • We do it with social, economic, and environmental responsibility

    Our constant aim is for a sustainable future.

  • Energy to innovate and go beyond

    Our mindset is to build the future we want.

We work for a better future for everyone

  • We value diversity

    We created a safe and healthy work environment, promoting age, color, ethnic, sexual and gender diversity.

  • Horizontal teamwork

    We value ideas and collaboration from everyone in the company, regardless of rank.

  • Fostering quality of life

    We invest in programs and benefits directed to the physical and mental wellness of our collaborators.

  • Career development

    Training and qualification are a priority. The personal and professional development of our collaborators is a strong point in our corporate culture.

  • Opportunity for growth

    We grow together with our collaborators, valuing each one and offering chances for in-house professional development.